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Dear Readers,

There comes a time in the life of every person/fictional character/blog when the person/character/blog-writer realizes it’s time to make a change. After writing every morning for the past thirteen years, it occurred to me to take a vacation.

There are no Mondays on vacation.

I look forward to continuing “Any Given Monday” one day soon, after I’ve had a little time to invest in other projects. (Come to think of it, they are writing projects … but I plan to sit on a different cushion of my writing couch while I work on them, so that’s still a vacation in a manner of speaking. Live on the wild side, is what I say.)

If you need a bit of fiction to read during this hiatus, I encourage you to check out or re-read past stories in the “All Stories” section. If you come across something you like, click the “like” button, post a comment, or share it with a friend. Any such signs of life will add to the likelihood that I will return to this blog one day soon, with fresh stories. And if this blog has meant something to you, I have included my email address below, and would be delighted to hear from you. Nothing is as encouraging to a writer as knowing that, somewhere out there, there’s a reader.

Happy Tuesday-through-Sunday,


scalise (dot) jessica (at) gmail (dot) com