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by Jessica

Dear Readers,

Happy Monday! Read on for the intro to the very last installment of “Waterproof & Green.” (Or if you’re new here and don’t want to cheat and skip to the end, click here to start at the beginning). By the way my sister and unofficial editor has some strong opinions about this installment. I don’t want to give anything away before you read it, so we’ve posted a poll at the end of the story to see which of us you side with on this one. (Hint: me). Please take a second when you get there to click me your thoughts!

And stay tuned for next Monday, when I will be posting something completely different (said in my best Monty Python voice),


Excerpt from where we left off last week:

“A part-time duck feeder,” Harry sneers. “I bet you’re still living at the Center, aren’t you? How much does duck feeding pay, a hundred, a hundred-fifty bucks a week?”

It pays ninety, but I don’t say anything.

“Bus fare to St. Magdalene’s costs you maybe three bucks. Whaddaya spend the rest on?”

I don’t say anything. Harry puts his hand on my shirt and shoves me, hard, in the middle of my chest. I stumble back a few feet, into the flapping ducks. I’m too out of shape to even keep my balance.

“Your pupils are dilated,” Harry tells me. “I don’t think it’s because of me. I ain’t much to look at.”

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