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by Jessica

Dear Readers,

This week, I’m posting the next-to-last installment of Waterproof & Green. I think this installment is more light-hearted than the last few, although my sister says I have a warped view of light-hearted– what do you think? I also hope you will enjoy the character of Mira, who I’m including in honor of my grandmother.

For those who have been protesting that this story is too sad, I thank you for your patience and endurance, and I beg you not to give up on the blog just yet! You have my sincere promise that in just two Mondays, on June 3rd, I will be posting something new and entirely different. It will be fresh, astounding, miraculous, entirely dazzling! To quote Mark Twain,


is in town, but has not been engaged.


will be on exhibition in the next Block.


were in contemplation for this occasion, but the idea has been abandoned.


may be expected; in fact, the public are privileged to expect whatever they please.

But that’s in two weeks. For now, read on for this week’s installment of Waterproof and Green!


Excerpt from last week’s installment of “Waterproof and Green”:

I tell Deena that if she wants me to sleep inside the Center, to put Moses in a different room. She says she’ll put Moses in a different room when I pull my act together and get a different lifestyle, with a job. She’s not going to hurt Moses’s feelings by asking him to switch rooms unless he throws milk on me. She says it in an okay, joking kind of way, and then she gets preachy and starts going over the importance of working hard to find a job. I tell her I have a job; I work in the food line. I scoop Jello. She says Jello is not a long term, economically sound vocational plan, and that if I sneak out of my bunk again, she’s going to nail down my window.

I lie on my bunk that night, breathing Ketchup and thinking: Dad, Dad, Dad. (Continue to this week’s installment…)