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by Jessica

Happy Monday Readers! Thanks for the great comments on the polls last week. Read on for the next installment of Waterproof & Green or click here to start the beginning of the story. (Two more installments to go, and then I’ll be starting something entirely different.) Have a wonderful week,


Excerpt from last week’s installment of “Waterproof and Green”:

Deena wanders over, red in the face from arguing with the ball gown lady.

“Here,” she snaps, thrusting a fresh tray of Jello into my arms. This batch is almost exactly the same color as my convict vest, flecked with tiny white marshmallows like foam on an orange ocean. Deena storms away, muttering under her breath the things she would have liked to say to the ball gown lady, except she can’t because she’s not a delinquent anymore.

I spoon a round mound of orange Jello onto the plate of a grizzled man with long black fingernails, and stare at a single pea, caught in the center of it.

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