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by Jessica

Dear Readers,

As always, read on below for the next installment of “Waterproof and Green.” I’ve had some interesting feedback from readers on this one, including from a close friend of mine, who said that she didn’t like the main character, preferred never to think about him or his life again, but that of course she loved the story.

That’s a true friend.

To help decide whether to keep posting (there are 3 more installments after this one) or to switch to something a bit more cheerful (hey, what’s not cheerful about soup kitchens, homeless people and drugs?) I’d be delighted if you’d leave a quick click (or 3) on the poll at the end of this week’s installment. Thank you, my dedicated readers, and have a wonderful Monday,


Excerpt from previous installment of Waterproof and Green:

In the end, Harry and Deena arrive at a compromise, whereby I can work in the food line if I wear both the orange vest, and the blue: the blue on top, the orange underneath. That way, I’ll blend in with the others, but no one will really be deceived about my identity. You can paint a moth purple and yellow and turquoise, but the brown will still be there underneath. No one will ever mistake it for a butterfly. Continue to this week’s installment…