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by Jessica

Dear Readers,

Happy Monday! Today we have the last installment of Feathers. (Read on below for a little excerpt leading into this week’s installment, or to read from the beginning of the story, click here.) As we wrap up, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Just type them in the comments section below the story, and thanks for posting!

Next week, as promised, I will be returning to Waterproof and Green. If you need a little refresher on that story to get you in the right mindset, click here. Happy reading,


Excerpt from previous installment of Feathers:

It was surprising that Ellen turned out to be beautiful. Her long, delicate body was as slim and graceful as a swan’s neck. Her muted coloring only needed bright colors to bring it to life. She began to wear make up; heavy black mascara that transformed her eyelashes into velvet wings; turquoise eyeliner that made her irises sparkle. Once, much later on when Ellen and I became friends, I tried on that same, glittering turquoise eye shadow. I looked like a whore slinking around dark corners in the shadows of Hollywood Blvd. Ellen could pull off looks no ordinary woman should attempt at home. She learned to balance on high, fragile heels. She had her hair done. When she floated down the central walkway of our campus, heads turned. Continue to latest installment…