Latest Story

by Jessica

Dear Readers,

I’m pleased to announce that my short story “Jack and the Skunk” will be published in the summer issue of “The Massachusetts Review.” They just sent me the proofs, so I can now report that the font looks very imposing and appropriate, and every section of the story begins with a giant, capital letter. (Which frankly looks so good that I’m considering starting all my paragraphs with an enormous capital letter, from now on.) I’ll be sure to let you know when advance copies can be ordered. (Or you can just keep reading stories on the blog for free!)

also wanted to mention that for those who have been waiting for “Waterproof & Green,” I will be posting the last 2 installments of “Feathers” this Monday and next, and then I promise to return to W&G! Thanks for your patience.

Finally, a reader commented last week that having an excerpt from the end of the previous installment was helpful in refreshing the story in their mind before continuing to this week’s installment. So I’ll try to remember to do that from now on. So read on below for an excerpt leading on to this week’s installment of Feathers. Or if you’re new to this story, click here to start from the beginning.


Excerpt from previous installment of Feathers:

The next day, Ellen was not in class. None of us noticed. Was there one less fluttering outline in the corner, one less whisper from the shadows? We inhaled Russian literature and the French modernist movement with careless nonchalance. Ellen drove until her car ran out of gas. When it finally drifted to a halt on the side of the highway, she pressed her forehead into the steering wheel and cried. Eventually, she looked up. Her eyes were so swollen that the shopping mall, rising in front of her at the end of the highway, looked like a foggy rendering of the domed, turreted Kingdom of Heaven. Continue…