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by Jessica

Dear Readers,

This week, I’m posting the third installment of Feathers. I blush to think of my parents reading this story, but unfortunately they are my biggest (and possibly only) fans. So what I would like to request is that any of you who know my parents invite them out to do stuff this Monday. Keep them actively engaged, and whatever you do, don’t let them have access to their computers. I thank you in advance for your support and dedication.

I also wanted to mention that, because the third installment of Feathers begins with dialogue, I’m pasting the last paragraph of the previous installment  below in case you need a refresh before diving in. Hopefully this will make the transition a bit more fluid. Or if you’re brand new to this story you can click here to begin with installment 1. Thanks for reading, and happy Monday!


Excerpt from previous installment of Feathers:

Or perhaps what Rupert saw in Ellen was something else entirely. With her shyness identified, packaged and labeled and neatly stored away on the proper shelf, Ellen found it easier to step out its shadow. Outside of her dark corner, there were things about Ellen that sparkled. Light poured down from the ceiling and caught on her hair, welled up in the sockets under her eyes, reflected off the tips of her pale fingernails. And her muted skin, delicate to the point of transparency, became translucent when the light was just right. You could see through it entirely. Rupert looked through and saw colors inside Ellen that made him stare. It was as if Ellen had a flock of tiny birds inside her, with glittering, jewel-bright wings. When she finally spoke her thoughts out loud, the birds flew into the room one by one, until Rupert sat in the midst of a soaring, flapping, fluttering aviary with birds on his shoulder, birds on his hands, birds pecking his feet, while he blinked in pleased astonishment. (Continue to Installment 3…)