Oops, I take it back!

by Jessica

Hi Readers,

You may have just received an alert that the latest installment of Feathers has come out. You may have then been thrown into a tizzy of confusion and disorientation because you could have sworn today was Thursday and not Monday, which you know is the day my blog comes out, because after all it says so in the title.

My deepest apologies. I was trying to get ahead of schedule by preparing Monday’s post today, but then I  accidentally hit publish. (That’s the last time I try not procrastinating!).

So not to worry, today is indeed Thursday. The weekend is indeed almost here. And unless you were quick enough to sneak in there and read installment 2 of Feathers before I had a chance to take it back down, I have seen to it that it is removed and will be reposted on Monday as originally intended.

So order has been restored and all is right in the world once more.

Happy, ahem, Thursday!