Latest Story

by Jessica

Dear Readers,

This week, I’m taking a break from “Waterproof & Green” to post the first installment of a story I wrote in grad school, called Feathers. I hope you enjoy it!  It is a bit more girly than some of my recent stories, but I’ll be alternating it with W & G  so if that’s more your style, don’t worry it won’t be long.

If W&G is still too girly for you, I recommend Eden, Revisited. If Eden, Revisited is too girly for you, you probably should give up on the blog. In this case, I recommend a John Grisham thriller.

I have been told that some readers do not post in the Comments section because in order to do so, you have to sign up for a WordPress account. Are other people experiencing this problem? If so, you probably will not be able to tell me, because you won’t be able to post in the Comments section. This is a tragic conundrum, for which I will be seeking a solution. For now I am going to try adding a feedback question at the end of this week’s installment so even if you can’t freestyle it, you can at least point and click me your thoughts.

Happy Monday!