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by Jessica

Well everyone, this is the next-to-last post of The Haunted Fairy Castle, and I’m starting to feel the first twinges of empty nest syndrome. This is a phenomenon that happens to writers as well as parents, when their baby (aka, odd story about Disneyland,  ghosts, attacking seagulls, etc.) leaves the home, venturing out into the cold, cruel world (aka, the Internet) and leaving the parent/writer loveless and alone. Also (in the writer’s case) somewhat startled to realize that the warm, happy world they’ve been living in is, in fact, fictional, and that the loving, supportive friends they’ve created are actually figments of the imagination, who never really existed. (It’s just like third grade all over again.) For those concerned about my well-being, however, don’t worry; empty nest syndrome is much easier to cure for writers than for parents, since coming up with a replacement story is relatively easy compared to, say, giving birth to and raising a replacement child. (Also, it is my intention that my next story will include a mutant chicken. That’s right. Wait for it.)

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