Haunted Fairy Castle ~ Installment 13

by Jessica

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Today, I helped Peter Pan work at the Luke Skywalker and Princess Leah show. Technically, Peter is not supposed to be a part of that show, but he’s a big Star Wars fan, so he’s always sneaking over to help. Personally, I think it’s weird that Disney even has a Star Wars show, because how is that remotely related to any of the Disney movies? However I’d follow Peter anywhere, so we helped hand out light sabers and plastic masks to sticky-faced children, some of whom were wearing Han Solo costumes.

During the show, a Jedi Master calls sixteen children up to the stage. He teaches them how to use their light sabers. Then Darth Vader and a band of Storm Troopers appear. The children battle the villains and vanquish them, after which the Jedi Master awards each of them a diploma, for Mastering the Force.

Sometimes, Peter Pan runs onstage with the Storm Troopers, and helps fight the children. This appears to deeply confuse the parents in the audience, but the children don’t seem to mind.

Today, a little girl was called up onstage as one of the sixteen. Instead of fighting the bad guys, she opted to run across the stage and join the Dark Side. This was definitely not supposed to be part of the show, and the Jedi Master looked really confused. Fortunately, however, Peter Pan saved the day, by running onstage and stabbing the little girl to death, with his light saber. She fell over, dead. Everyone applauded. The little girl stood up and bowed, looking very proud of herself.

On the way out, I heard a mother with a stroller lean over and whisper to another mother, “I’m so confused. I think I need to either watch those movies again, or see a psychiatrist.”

That’s the way I feel working here sometimes.  (Continue…)

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