Haunted Fairy Castle ~ Installment 11

by Jessica


I had a heated altercation with Alice in Wonderland in the cafeteria today. Alice ordered me to go stand in the Taco Cart line, and bring her another vegetarian enchilada. I patiently reminded Alice that I am a Disney Land Public Relations trainee, not a servant.

“What’s the difference?” she said.

I explained to her that there isn’t an enormous amount of difference, but to please try to show a little more sensitivity about my feelings. I asked her to try to imagine how she would feel if our situations were reversed, and she were the trainee, and I were the fairy princess.

Alice blinked her round, blue eyes and said, “But you couldn’t be a fairy princess. You wouldn’t fit into any of the costumes.”

Technically this was true, but I felt like it was really tactless of her to point it out when Peter Pan was sitting right there. I think Peter could tell it hurt my feelings, because afterwards he came over to me and said, “I like bigger women. Disney princesses have hardly any curves.”

Right away, I felt comforted. Peter Pan is so tactful. He doesn’t just make me feel better about myself; he makes me feel better about mankind. Of course Alice wasn’t trying to hurt me! She was merely expressing an opinion. Besides, maybe I couldn’t be a fairy princess, but there are plenty of other Disney characters I could portray. Take Ursula the Sea Witch; now there’s a woman with curves. (Continue…)

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