Latest Story

by Jessica

Dear Readers,

Exciting news! My short story “Jack and the Skunk” was just accepted by The Massachusetts Review. It will be printed in their Spring issue. I’ll keep you posted about when it comes out.

In other news, my Great Aunt Bess was not thrilled about last week’s Christmas article. How she managed to read the article it is still unclear, since last time I checked, she still thought the way to access the Internet was through her VCR. I suspect that one of my other relatives must have shared the article with her, and that relative will now have to be Tracked Down.

Since she’s already mad at me, however, I might as well post the second half of the article. Or you can read the whole article, “Happy Holidays,” by clicking here.

My other post for this week, Installment 6 of “Eden, Revisited” is dedicated to the reader Penguinabox, for the comment he or she posted last week. Penguinabox, I hope you did manage to survive the week after all, and are in the best of health. One way to improve the health is through laughter, and one way to laugh is by reading “Eden, Revisited” from the beginning. To do so, click here.

A wonderful Monday to all,