Haunted Fairy Castle ~ Installment 6

by Jessica

Today, we got to go on the rides: all the new hires and me, with my boss as a tour guide. It was wonderful! I don’t think I’ve ever been on the rides at Disney Land before. My parents took me here once when I was eight, but at the time they told me I was too short to go on any of the rides, which I now think was a lie. My favorite ride is the teacups. I climbed in a bright pink one with two of the other new hires, and we spun around until the whole world was a glittering stream of dancing teapots and stars. We flung our heads back. We screamed with laughter.

My boss says we have to go on all the rides, so we are familiar with the details when customers make complaints. After the teacups, she took us to the Fairy Castle, Disney’s newest attraction.

“Now this is the ride you’ll hear the most complaints about,” she said.

“Why?” asked one of the hires.

My boss sighed deeply. “Well,” she said, “Some of our visitors think it’s haunted.”

I looked around. Everywhere, there were smiling pink puppets, bobbing their glittery faces in the air with looks of pure ecstasy, as they sang a song about cupcakes and butterflies. I ventured to say that the ride seemed fairly harmless.

My boss nodded. “It was originally intended to be a ride for very small children,” she said, “the kind who get scared on the pirate boat, or Thunder Mountain Railroad. Unfortunately however, there was an accident during construction, and the Fairy Castle  is  in fact, now haunted.”

I looked to see if she was joking. She did not seem to be.

One of the other hires murmured something about a tragedy.

“Yes,” my boss agreed, “it was tragic. If any of the rides had to be haunted, we would have preferred it to be the Haunted Mansion, because we do actually advertise it as haunted. But wouldn’t you know, the guy had to go and fall off his ladder on a children’s ride.”

The new hires and I exchanged glances. We made an unspoken, mutual agreement not to pursue the topic further.

I think my boss spends too many hours on the job sometimes. The line between reality and fantasy seems to blur in her mind.

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