The Haunted Fairy Castle, Installment 2

by Jessica

There was an ad in the paper today: “Do you believe in Fairies? Do you believe that Dreams Come True? Work at the Happiest Place on Earth. Now interviewing candidates in PR.”

I circled it.

I have a confession to make. Technically, I do not believe in fairies. But the happy part sounds good. Obviously, whoever placed the ad is some kind of delusional psychopath who still believes in fairyland, but as long as it’s a delusional psychopath who is willing to pay me, I can handle that. At this point, I’d work for Jack the Ripper.


I called the number in the ad, and the woman who picked up said, “Disneyland, this is Edna.” I explained I had the wrong number, hung up, and dialed again. The same woman’s voice said, “Disneyland, this is Edna.” I was frowning at the receiver, when my roommate leaned over and hissed, “The job is working for Disneyland, you idiot.” So then I said, “Hi, I’d like to interview for the job advertised in the paper.” Edna scheduled me to come in a week from Tuesday.

I still feel a little confused. The fairy part is starting to make more sense though. Actually, if it comes to it, I prefer not to work for a delusional psychopath. Working at an amusement park seems safer. Anyway, I have bills to pay, and I’ve come to a place in life where I’d be willing to put on a Donald Duck costume and dance around in the streets, quacking, for minimum wage and health benefits. (Continue…)

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